Goodbye Sydney… Hello outback

Its a relief to finally be on the road. After some emotional goodbyes we drove over the harbour bridge and out of Sydney. Accompanied by Martin, an experienced overlander who has been giving Ruth and I advice and encouragement throughout the planning stages ( @africaoverland for the those that know him).IMG_9669We waved goodbye to NSW at the end of day 2 as we crossed into South Australia for 500 metres and then into Queensland. Spending the night at Cameron Corner. (The meeting point of SA, NSW & QLD state borders)

IMG_9608IMG_9616Sitting in all 3 states!

IMG_9636 IMG_9641 IMG_9617IMG_9657 IMG_9665 IMG_9659By now the landscape has changed from farmland into the arid outback with sand and even a few dunes to cross. IMG_9703 IMG_9697Day 4, we arrived at Haddon Corner, the most north easterly point of SA bordering QLD.

IMG_9722 IMG_9732 IMG_9735 IMG_9742Put off by the 40 degree heat, and lured by the cold beer, rather than setting up camp as intended we pressed onto Birdsville. Welcomed by friendly staff at Birdsville caravan park, and even friendlier flies, according to the shopkeeper on Innaminka we will never get used to their persistence. photo 2photo 1

2 hot showers later and were ready to make tracks to the biggest sand dune marking the start of the Simpson desert crossing. Needless to say, Doug’s excitement is through the roof.


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