Waiting for Penelope… what happens now?

The car is at sea and that leaves us a loose end…. time for a holiday from the holiday?!

After nearly 4 years of living in Sydney, we have left Australia. It felt like home, so leaving wasn’t easy. Fortunately we have the distraction of Africa and months of unknown adventures to stop us getting too emotional.

First stop is Bali, a popular stop for Australians being just 3 hours from Perth. We’ve heard a lot about it so are keen to see the sights and enjoy some cheap living. From Bali we fly to Hong Kong for a few days sightseeing, then onwards to Cape Town.

The car is being shipped to Durban, so we’ll spend some time exploring Cape Town before driving the must see Garden Route in a hire car to rendezvous with Penelope again.

The car left 4 days later than expected, with Durban ETA’s varying between 4th July and the 25th. We have been tracking the container and its current vessel the MSC Rochelle, which you can see below being loaded in Freemantle.

Our container is one of the yellow ones.
Our container is one of the yellow ones.

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