Notes for Overlanders

We have benefited greatly from the efforts of others who document their trip and pass on useful information. As such we are keen to do the same so that future overlanders can benefit too.

4th April – 5th June
16, 156 KMs

Australia is very easy to travel around, if a little expensive at times. Aside from the specifics below here are few of the highlights for us.

Corner country.  Of all the places we felt that this area was the real outback. Some tourists, but not the volume of caravans and backpackers we saw later. The real outback spirit, if we were stopped anyone passing would check we were okay.
Simpson desert crossing.  The isolation, independence and ultimately sense of achievement that goes with completing a remote track.
Uluru and the West Macdonnel ranges.

When travelling in WA it possible to buy an all parks pass that is valid for $44 which is valid for a month. Otherwise each park entry is $12 per vehicle.

To be completed….

Remote station Diesel: $2.40 (Mt Dare roadhouse / Drysdale River station)
Outback Town Diesel: $1.75 (ish)
City Diesel: $1.61


Wikicamps for iOS/Andriod (Free)
Wikicamps is a directory of campsites and caravan parks for all of Australia, with reviews and prices from other travelers.

Hema Maps – with Memory Map app for iPad
We used the Hema map pack 2010 and found them to be accurate and detailed (in the most part). We found the phone numbers on these maps particularly useful, to check local conditions and make bookings.×4-maps.html

A wealth of information, specifically their trek notes if you are going to be doing some of the well known (and even lesser known) outback tracks. They also maintain, as far as i know, the only central resource for road conditions. Shire council, regional and state authorities all publish their own lists. National parks are separate again.

Gregory’s 4×4 Touring Australia

Lonely planet Australia (2010)
Prices had gone up, useful in towns – less so once you get into the outback.

Bush tucker field guide, Les Hiddens
(just for interest fortunately!)

Wa Police Academy Bushcraft & Survival Guide, Aids To Survival
available from the vks737 site. A good run down of preparation as well as what to do if it all goes pear shaped.